MicroLab 分析报告

MicroLab Report

The MicroLab has an embedded expert system that translates chemistry results into diagnostic statements specific to the type of equipment and guides the technician on necessary maintenance actions. The diagnostic statements can indicate whether an oil change is required or if the oil drain interval can be extended. It can also direct the technician to potential mechanical problems to investigate.

The comprehensive reports:

  • Save time – compiles and analyzes all test data
  • Take the guess work out of interpreting results – provides suggested maintenance actions
  • Save money – no need to hire an analytical resource

Embedded Expert System

The Expert System is the “brains” of the MicroLab, translating analytical data into maintenance actions so the technician or mechanic do not need to interpret the chemistry behind the report; they simply read the service recommendations on the report. Built from over 20 years of industry knowledge and more than 10,000 individual software scripts, the MicroLab’s Expert System generates diagnostics that are specific to the:

  • Equipment application (e.g., automotive, on-road trucking, off-road trucking, generators)
  • Component type (e.g., diesel engine, gasoline engine, hydraulic)
  • And often the equipment manufacturer

The Expert System utilizes Rule Sets which are specific to each component type. These Rule Sets contain the threshold levels and diagnostic scripts that are applied to sample results to generate diagnostic statements. The Expert System grades individual sample results as Normal, Abnormal or Severe, using color-coding of the results on the report.

Before comparing the results to custom threshold levels stored in the system’s database, the system automatically factors in:

  • usage time on the component
  • time on the oil
  • break-in periods